Nelly Workout Routine Secrets

by admin on July 10, 2011

Now as I told you the other day, the Nelly Workout routine was coming…so here it is…

As I said growing up Nelly was a skinny dude (an Ectomorph) and it took him a lot of work to look the way he does today.

nellys workout routine Nelly Workout Routine Secrets

Well guess what? You can get the Nelly look too by adopting some of his principles into your workout routine and diet plan.

If your skinny like Nelly was, a lot of people are going to tell you to eat a ton, drink protein shakes and do THE BIG 3…

The “Big 3″ Exercises:

  1. Benchpress
  2. Squats
  3. Deadlifts


These are great exercises but they are not part of the Nelly workout and won’t get you a body like him.

Here is the problem with focusing your efforts on those 3 lifts

Squats and Deadlifts add a lot of muscle in all the wrong places (your hips, butt and thighs). Bench presses add muscle to your lower pecs causing them to look rounded and droopy.  Who wants man boobs?

Check out this video that explain it a little better…

vin diesel workout plan video1 Nelly Workout Routine Secrets

Now if you didn’t watch the video, it talks about how the big 3 gives you curves in all the wrong places.

So what if you gain 20 pounds?

If 90% of that muscle is on your hips, thighs and butt…you are actually going backwards as far as looks go and you will not achieve a Nelly physique.

So if you want to achieve the Nelly body, you need to workout smart.

Another important strategy to achieving the look of Nelly is to get lean enough to the point were you have no loose skin so you have muscle and ab definition.

Here is a video that explains how to get lean enough to have Nelly abs…

ronnie jerseyshorevideo1 Nelly Workout Routine Secrets

So as you can see…all the “traditional” muscle building advice that you get in the magazines is full of B.S. and will not get you closer to the Hollywood look of chiseled abs and nice guns.

  • The “Big 3″ creates a rounded lower body look, instead of being lean & angular.
  • Bulking up causes loose skin when leaning out —loose skin means you can’t see your sixpack
  • You can’t look pimp like Nelly with too much bulk in the wrong places.

Seriously, just because you put on more muscle —does not mean you will look better.  The next time you are in the gym, look around.

You see the dudes in there for hours by the Bench press…yeah they are huge Meat heads and have all the respect in the gym but when they leave they will never get the ladies like Nelly does.

Women don’t like the Oversized Testosterone Injected Bodybuilder look…turns them off.

Those dudes have muscles bulging out of their muscles, plus they look funny when they have to where bell bottom pants cause their jeans don’t fit around their waste and thighs.

Here’s a video which explain why the slim and muscular look is the way to go to get girls and how to do the Nelly workout…

ronnie workoutvideo Nelly Workout Routine Secrets

So like I started from the beginning you need to have a workout plan if you want a body like Nelly.  Doing random workouts and the wrong diet can put you on a path of looking funny and just plain wasting your time!

Here’s the Nelly workout routine to get the Nelly Look:

  • Lift using a strategic rep range to achieve the lean “Shrink Wrap Effect” so you can see your abs.
  • Lift to increase muscle density to achieve and angular hard looking physique and not bloated and puffy.
  • Add muscle in the correct place.
  • Get Ultra lean as quick as possible without losing muscle mass.

The only Workout that focuses on achieving the look of Nelly…?

That course is called – Visual Impact Muscle Building


Hey guys,

If you have seen the award winning rapper, we all know that Nelly works out.  To many, he has a close to perfect body…nelly workout routine Getting A Ripped Body With The Nelly Workout Planthe ladies tell me that….and me, I want arms and a chest like him.  When Nelly first busted onto the scene, he wasn’t out of shape but he was no where as big as he is today.  Once he made the decision to get bigger and thicker he just stayed dedicated to the Nelly workout plan.

Nelly says he’s always been lean and a hard gainer.  Putting on weight has always been a problem for him.  That is why he had to adopt a new diet.  In order to put on weight, Nelly eats 3-4 meals a day but is  constantly snacking to add the calories.

As part of Nelly’s workout routine he goes to the gym 5 times a week!   But when he’s out hustling and promoting his albums, he makes it only 2-3 times a week.  In those times he says he does about 1500-2000 push ups and sit ups a day.

Now that is dedication.  Of course, he chunks it down to smaller reps and does them in sets.  Nelly likes to use machines but only to add variety to his workouts. For upper body, his favorite exercise is the military press. For abs he does crunches holding a 25-45 pound weight plate across his chest for added resistance.

For his lower body he does calf raises and squats.

Nelly’s Workout Split

  • Monday: triceps
  • Tuesday: back and shoulders
  • Wednesday: biceps/legs
  • Thursday: chest using a bench press machine
  • Friday: start over with triceps

The key is to keep moving around the exercises so you don’t get bored and so your body doesn’t get used to it.  This is called muscle confusion.

I hope this provides you with a good starting ground.  In a couple days I will be back with some more specifics on what kinds of workouts and what you should eat.

Make sure to click the “like” button and share with your friends and family, then I’ll whoop that Nelly workout and diet plan out to you guys.


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